New Year, New Schedule

Happy New Year!

I spent the day watching a super addictive Chinese drama called Ashes of Love that I’m going to be very sad to see end, and visiting with relatives. It was a very good way to start the year and if I could become as addicted to books again, it would be great.

I’ve also spent much of this week matching my writing schedule to the calendar. And discovering all these wonderful new places to submit fiction to. It’s a bit tight as at least three places are closing at the end of this month and I really want to submit to all of them. If they don’t work out, well, revise and submit elsewhere and keep going until someone says, “Stop bugging us, okay already!” 😛

My schedule for this year includes 4 novels, 1 of which is a 2nd draft, while the others are all 1st; 1 novella, and as many short stories as I can manage. I’ve already started on novel 1, with a writing period from January 1st to March 15th. As of this afternoon, I have 20,421 words of an estimated 110,000 and I hope to cut that down to 90,000 in an eventual 3rd draft. I’ve also submitted to 1 market; have completed the first draft of a short for a 2nd, and am currently halfway through the first draft for a 3rd.

I strongly suspect that my writing is going well so far because I have a very good support system of friends and fellow writers, and recent story acceptance. And I’ll take it. Writing is tough.

(Also, it is wonderful to let my imagination run wild.)


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