The struggle is real.

The good news in writing this week? I have just about 28k words on my novel 2nd draft. Since I need about 30k for my manuscript submission, this is perfect. All I need to do is polish this and submit to my advisor.

The bad news? Shaky and clumsy plot details. Potential plot holes. This story feels like a first draft. I’m trying to hold to the idea that “the first draft is telling yourself the story, the second draft is telling others”, but it is hard. Novels and short stories definitely require different slightly skill sets. I really, really hope I’m making all my mistakes with this book so others will be easier to write.

Another fun thing has been finding that there is definite interest in this idea I’ve been developing in the background for a while. Only problem is that I don’t even have a first draft. I don’t even know my character’s first name, March to May this year is going to be so fun.

The good news in my 9-5 life? I think I’m adjusting well to my new waking hours. Which is basically 5-10 minutes later than before but it makes a difference. The work load is gradually increasing so I have nothing to stress about yet.

The bad news? A vacation I’ve been planning for since July is threatened. I don’t even know that I’m going to get it and I’m tired.

The good news in my extra-curricular life? Karate is still fun.

The bad news? Well, this isn’t bad but I have to take up walking/running and I need headphones. There are a lot of stupid hang-ups keeping me from doing it but it’s a health thing that I really, really need to take seriously. I don’t care if I have to walk 7km into town for my health so time to get out the sneakers.

Also cooking. Hate it. Going to have to do more of it. Low carb, cholesterol-free, dairy/gluten-free, sugar-free…I may as well drink water tbh. Thank goodness for google and people’s willingness to share stuff because I’ve already made fajitas and my cousin showed me how to cook buckwheat soba noodles. I can’t do full vegan, or vegetarian, not yet, but I can mix it up a lot.

My fajitas. I needed more veggies and vegan cheese but this will do. The soba is in my belly and therefore no pictures are available.

The good news on recommendations? Well, I don’t have anything this week. I haven’t even read fanfiction.

The best news is that 17 days into the new year, I’m still doing the things I planned to. I’m writing. I’m updating. I’m watching tv series again, though apart from Ashes of Love, there aren’t many holding my attention. The Protector (Netflix,) Tidelands (Netflix,) Oh my General (I’m watching on Viki). Heh, those are recommendations.

Now I need to add a few more things and see how that goes. 6 months to improve my fitness and settle my diet plan. 2 1/2 months to finish this draft. No time at all to laze about if I want to make my dreams come true.

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