On character

Memo to self: While it is important to exercise every day, it is also important to take one day off a week to rest. Maybe Sunday like reasonable people.

I’m writing this update from the couch, where I sit with my laptop hoping that my legs will support me when I need to go to bed and also in the morning to get to work. My karate instructors weren’t kidding around when they said that they were going to push us harder this year. Also, my personal exercise programme of daily walk/runs are already doing a number on my legs. But hey, at least I can listen to my fave podcasts while I do it.

As to my actual writing. I finally finished another story, and maybe I can polish it off over the weekend for submission…or give it a few days. I’ve also started three other stories and I hope the one that is ready to work will let me know. And soon. Please.

I think I’m recognizing a trend in my stories (at long last, after it was indicated by others.) Action-driven/story-driven instead of character. It makes sense because I approach stories with ideas of things that I want to see: mash-ups of cool ideas, exploring concepts, action and adventure, so the characters are secondary. But I’m also drawn to a specific kind of character.

My fave characters tend to wear masks (my time in anime began with Bleach in which masks are a major theme/element, embodied by the Hollows and Kuchiki Byakuya) or are more than they appear on the surface. I imagine that if I ever create a magnum opus, masks and the masquerade will be at its core.

(Coming soon to a bookstore near you, The Long Masquerade, with its lead characters Rune and Calypso!)

In other news, my vacation is back on! Praise be! If all continues to go well, I shall be waking up late and going on tours and having fun. I hope it is especially good for my creativity. Goodness knows I’ve been inspired by New Orleans. It would be great if my word count improved though I don’t expect to do much writing on this trip.

Recommendations this week? “STET” by Sarah Gailey. “STET” is heartbreaking and chilling in so many ways, especially in reminding me of issues with algorithms and AI and that one sad twitter thread by a woman whose baby was stillborn.

For tv series: The Turkish drama, “The Protector”, is right up my alley. Urban fantasy. Ancient conspiracies. I love it. Also, “Tidelands”. Another urban fantasy but with like mermaids. I’ve just started both and I hope I can find the time to watch them through.

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