Keep it going

First things first, vacation is back on! In a little over a week I’m going to be off doing touristy things and not waking up early. Maybe. I need to keep up my exercise somehow. But still, vacation!!!

Writing this week, not so great. I’ve managed to edit stuff so that’s okay…but one of them only after I’ve already submitted it. I don’t know why my brain did this to me but I feel so betrayed.

For all that I love writing, it is hard. It is a struggle. Keeping it going is not easy, but I try to approach it like I do most things in life: once I’ve started it, I’ve got to finish. This is especially helpful when I’m in karate class with aches and pains or reading a rejection email. (Does one ever get thick enough skin for this?)

I also won’t be able to make all the short story deadlines I gave myself at the start of January. Which sucks but I still got more of them done than I didn’t and the longer the story marinates, the better sometimes. (But again, this would be preferable before one submits a work to a literary magazine. 🤦🏾‍♀️)

I went searching for more podcast stories to listen to but I haven’t actually listened to any except the Nightlight offerings. My faves this week are one inspired by the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, “The Deacon’s Girl” by Jennifer Harris and “Blitz” by CJ Silver.

Turns out, Nightlight is looking for stories and though I’m not a big horror fan, I want to see if I can pull it off. Trinidad gothic horror? 🤔

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