Friends, exciting news!

I’m currently looking into starting a newsletter. (Also, making a proper logo, but that’s for another day.) Anyhoo, currently researching that and when I manage to get it done, I will of course make a post for it.

In the interim, I’ve created a Facebook page that is going to act as an archive of work and will be updated on new and upcoming projects. I hope I will have a ton of things to fill it with. I’ll add a link to the Facebook page soon.

More exciting news, I’ve started a new workout programme that is kicking my butt. 😒 I know this is for my health, but ☹️ I like lying around doing nothing.

Even more exciting news, I know what I said in the last post but I’ve slightly changed my mind. Only slightly. I think I can do this if I just take my time and not panic. (Panicking is definitely on the horizon anyway.)

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