This isn’t an official post but it is something I’m thinking about. When I’m not writing, I watch a lot of TV/streaming. Just recently completed 1899 on Netflix and the way that ended is…whew, okay.

I just started Wednesday, also on Netflix, (interesting, not bad,) while watching a Chinese drama, New Life Begins, (they’re going places I didn’t expect and makes the show fun at the same time) among others. And of course there are the books and short stories on my to be read pile. All this is to say, I want to start posting my reviews of various media, which will include books and short stories (you know the thing I got my degree for,) but also music, movies, dramas, and maybe a fitness programme.

I try to leave my honest thoughts in reviews on everything I engage with, mainly through Goodreads so far. I also love to livetweet the shows I watch (if you were in the same room with me, I would be talking through it, sorry.) I find it fun and the people I’m mean to are characters. So, look forward to it.

Okay, so one review. Category: Fitness. Caroline Girvan’s Epic I is amazing. It’s definitely brought some positive changes to my health and overall fitness. It does require weights but if you don’t have them, you can improvise with bottles of water. Also, you might need a mat and a bench. But I also think 10 weeks is a lot if I’m not doing it for something like a photo shoot lol. By week 7 or so I was fed up and the last few weeks became a slog.

That said, I’m going to try her 6 week, 30 minutes a day Iron series. I do need to keep up my fitness and I can’t / don’t want to go walking in the evenings these days. With the rainy season on, it’s just not a great idea. Will report back on progress. Maybe with a YouTube vlog (maybe not.)


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