It's Mermay. Lord knows I need the stress relief of art. As usual I found a list of prompts on Pinterest and I hope I can do as many of them as possible. Writing these past few days has actually been going okay? I have 1.5 story drafts. I have an idea in development for… Continue reading Mermaids

Art break

I seem to be having trouble finding words so here is some art. I dream of my own urban fantasy/paranormal romance series. I think this looks too much like Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence though. My list of ideas to write is not as long as the TBR but yeah...


So, first of all, "No Late-for-School" via FIYAH, is here at last! I'm so very happy to have this story out in the world, but the theme was so much fun. I even made a Twitter thread about my hair because of it. I've been in my feelings a bit about this too, just thinking… Continue reading Reviews

Oh hai!

So, I'm back from vacation and a week late but readjusting to home life after all this time away has been surprisingly tough. And I've been away for longer. I don't even know why. Here's Ernest Hemingway's House. It is full of cats and opposite a lighthouse in Key West. Here is the lighthouse to… Continue reading Oh hai!