FlashFictionFridays #4 “Maskerade”

So, I knew this was going to happen. I only had a handful of stuff pre-written, which means that to keep going I needed to write new flash pieces. And then I just didn't do that. My bad. Anyway, this comes in around 1300 words, which is oops? “Maskerade” By Shari Paul “Controversial New App… Continue reading FlashFictionFridays #4 “Maskerade”


FlashFictionFridays #3 “Sometimes You Does Catch A Break”

I thought this up a while back after reading some tech articles. I've toned it down a bit from the original version. “Sometimes You Does Catch a Break” By Shari Paul The high-pitched whine of a laser gun charging stutters my heart. I freeze, arm extended to the top shelf and the box of hypertension… Continue reading FlashFictionFridays #3 “Sometimes You Does Catch A Break”


FlashFictionFridays #2 “Storm Bringer”

Happy Friday! This time around the story is actually under 1000 words. I wrote this when I was trying climate fiction and, well, this is how it turned out. “Storm Bringer” Dr Susan Wong’s husband left one month after she saved the world, citing “irreconcilable differences” and later, neglect. He never filed for custody of… Continue reading FlashFictionFridays #2 “Storm Bringer”