Best laid plans

So I had planned this cool first post about submissions and writing and then I got distracted and never did it. But, I do what I want so…

In short, moving from fanfiction to original fiction for publication is an understandably massive undertaking. You can publish a fanfic in seconds and wait (on pins and needles) for the first kudos or comments, sometimes for days. Original fiction however, that comes with rejections. And rejections are painful no matter how you think of them.

Having received by now my first uh, four in the last few weeks, I think I’ve gone through every emotion associated with them. Disappointment, frustration, fear, etc. It grips you even when you think, okay, maybe that piece wasn’t quite ready and I deserve that. It sucks, to put it plainly.

But, well, I can’t not write so, once again into the breach and all that. (And maybe some fanfiction inbetween for that instant gratification.)

Ta~ Mousie

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