The Author at NYCC!

So I have been trying to attend NYCC since 2016, or so my email tells me. I had actually signed up to buy tickets and forgot about it. A lot has happened since then, including the Walker Stalker Cruise, which was my first actual convention ever. Finally made it this year and for a first experience, it was wonderful.

Things to note about NYCC for the uninitiated:

1) This is a huge event, if you have problems with crowds, maybe skip this. You will have a line for everything, though it’s not terribly long except for when you want to attend a panel and need the bathroom.

2) Comfortable shoes.

3) I love cosplay. I wish I had the patience to make a costume (the way I have the patience to write a book) but I don’t so for now I guess I will buy a costume if I ever go again and enjoy the effort others have put into theirs. If you can’t dress up, but also enjoy cosplay, I totally recommend the “Championships of Cosplay” event. Or, you know, just walking around appreciating the work.

4) I had limited funds and interests, so I stuck to writer panels for the most part, day-dreaming about the day I maybe will sit on one. As usual, I could not think of a single question to ask but it was interesting to listen to others. Pick what events you may want to attend, and be mindful of the distances between locations. The more popular the event, the longer the lines to get in.

Pics below!

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