In sum – 2018

So, in keeping with my tradition of posts three months apart—2019, at least once a week, I promise—and the year in review, in sum, my 2018:

I did this in a Facebook post and a tweet, but 2018 for me has been better than I expected. I had my first ever publication of a short story since I took to writing outside of fan-fiction, with my novelette “Epic of Sakina” in January in Fiyah Lit Mag’s Issue 5 “Ahistorical Blackness”. As it turns out, I’m ending the year with a story acceptance for publication next year in The Dark Magazine. (!)

In the interim I had some depressing but understandable rejections. Four stories submitted, two were rejected by two separate magazines and all are now undergoing rewrites. Maybe they will be more successful next year, fingers crossed.

I also now have a firm and fast approaching deadline for my final manuscript for my MFA so…that’s coming along.

For 2019, my goals are to write four novels, the first being a second draft, two novellas and as many short stories as I can to submit for publication. I wish I was a more prolific fan-fiction writer but that’s not the hand that fate dealt me.

In other news, I attended two conventions this year. In January I went to my first ever, the Walker Stalker Cruise from New Orleans, USA, to Cozumel, Mexico. It was amazing and wonderful since I was obsessed with this show since March 2016 and I got to meet one of my new favourite people. And yeah, the actors were cool too 😛

In October, I got to take a more general con, the much bigger New York Comic Con which I recounted in a previous post. I would happily go back some other time, and hopefully one year as a guest. Next time I want to wear costumes though. It would probably help with my shyness. Maybe.

Neither of these were writing or book conventions but that’s a 2019 goal. If I could attend even just one, it would be fine, so it would be great if people would, you know read and like and publish my stories so I can afford it. *hint-hint*

Reading in 2018 took a hit. I’ve read more fanfiction this year than original fiction but that’s mainly because I joined the MCU Stucky fandom. This is the second time I’ve joined a huge fandom, after Harry Potter when I was 16, but the first where I’ve been spoiled for choice in fiction.

According to Goodreads, I’ve read 4 of the 60 books I planned to in January. The number is only slightly higher so I’m going to go with 10 maybe, including short story collections and magazines. I shall do a separate post for that list.

In personal news, I became an aunt for the first time, after being a godmother to two boys for the past six years. It has been a great experience and I recommend kids you can hand over to other people when you want to nap.

I also went from a fourth to a third kyu in Shotokan karate (purple to brown) and maybe in three years I’ll have my black belt. (!) Definitely have to up my practice and fitness routine.

The hardest part of this year has been the death of one of my aunts. It sucks so much and some days I think I’ve yet to really mourn her loss. I wish she could have been here to see me moving forward with my dreams, but my dad isn’t here to see it either.

And that has been my 2018. New experiences, as I had hoped; new friends, and new accomplishments. I hope 2019 is bigger and better. (Also maybe meet some more celebrities, it’s wild that you can just go somewhere and get a picture with or talk to people you’ve only seen on tv or whose books you’ve just read, let me tell you.)


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