Vacation post #3

As a Black Sails fan, this map certainly called to me. (The “Woodes-Rogers” part, though the shopping is also cool.)

As a vacationing tourist, this beach called to me.

Last few days of vacation and I really miss my bed and my mama, and just being home. At the same time, it has been fun and I will need a vacation after this.

That aside, big news! I’ve had another story acceptance! 🎉 Yayyyyyy! So, if all goes well, this will be my third published original short story. I’m just so happy. I really, truly never expected to write short stories professionally and it’s just so validating. (I’m still working on my novel, it is coming along slowly, I hope I can make the end of the March as a deadline but it’s fine if I don’t.)

In other news, I can comfortably say I have enough material for that road trip fic I was planning to write. I certainly have some experience with that. Maybe one day I’ll do a cross country one from New York to LA or something. Or through Europe.

Also, I hope that I can avoid forgetting anything else for the rest of this trip. I’ve already lost a pair of bedroom slippers, one stud earring and a box of porridge packets. I cannot afford to keep losing stuff.

Recommendations? Watch Black Sails. I’m sorry it’s over but it was perfection. Makes me actually like pirates and want to write a story about them. I’ll finish that novella someday soon. I swear.

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