Oh hai!

So, I’m back from vacation and a week late but readjusting to home life after all this time away has been surprisingly tough. And I’ve been away for longer. I don’t even know why.

Here’s Ernest Hemingway’s House. It is full of cats and opposite a lighthouse in Key West.

Here is the lighthouse to prove I was not lying. I wish we could have gone in there.

That’s the only literary thing I did on vacation.

I have actually been struggling with writing since I got back, which is the worst. I have self-imposes and official deadlines. I have Camp NaNoWriMo coming up. Oh well, it will probably work out. I think I will try some flash fiction over the weekend to see if it will help.

Recommendations? Vacation. Do it. Also, listen to my short story “After Life” on The Dark Magazine’s podcast.

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