So, first of all, “No Late-for-School” via FIYAH, is here at last! I’m so very happy to have this story out in the world, but the theme was so much fun. I even made a Twitter thread about my hair because of it. I’ve been in my feelings a bit about this too, just thinking about how much fun I’ve had in the last few years since I stopped relaxing my hair.

I have not been writing as much in the past few weeks, and not for a lack of trying. It has not been helped by that perpetual writer issue of dealing with story rejections. They have gotten easier to deal with but they still sting. Which is why it was great today to wake up to a wonderful review of an old fanfic, and subsequently another on “After Life”. (The second I’ve read, not that I go searching for them or anything, lol, who would do that? You’re not supposed to…) I actually did a little cheer in my seat at work, so I hope none of my coworkers noticed, or, if they did, that they understood that I was happy and celebrated with me.

Camp NaNoWriMo unofficial word count so far: 20 words.

Story recommendations from Caribbean people: “The Anchorite Wakes”  by RSA Garcia, and “The Mighty Slinger” by Karen Lord and Tobias Buckell.

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