It’s Mermay. Lord knows I need the stress relief of art. As usual I found a list of prompts on Pinterest and I hope I can do as many of them as possible.

Writing these past few days has actually been going okay? I have 1.5 story drafts. I have an idea in development for what might be a third. I hope what finally gets on paper goes above and beyond what I’m thinking.

This weekend is Bocas Lit Fest here in Trinidad and I hope I can make Saturday at least. My life outside writing has been draining. At least I got to see Avengers Endgame…and then have a long chat with a friend about it.

Recommendations this week? That Hawkeye and Winter Soldier comic, and Shuri as written by Nnedi Okorafor and Ironheart by Eve Ewing. I’m also reading about Jane Foster as Thor and Red Sonja.

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