On burnout (no, the other kind)

Me at the wedding. It was a fun day and I hope my friend has a great life ahead of her.

As for me, I have spent most of the last few weeks writing a sentence a day or nothing at all and just watching tv instead. On the one hand, Godzilla was awesome and Detective Pikachu wasn’t. On the other, I think I may be overthinking everything and it’s leading to burnout.

This wedding was the first one I had been to in years, the first happy event I have attended in a while and I need more friends to have these so I can go.

Another problem is maybe that I’m doing too much research. Sure I like knowing history or astronomy stuff just for learning what new thing is out there, but then I get bogged down by details I don’t need. Which is a fascinating problem to have when I’m sure I was complaining a few years ago about a lack of information on things I needed. Oh well. Watching the old Godzilla/kaiju movies was fun.

Recs: Taking time our to dress nice and go somewhere fancy.

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