I want to start this by saying that I know I am very late but the last few months have not been too great writing-wise, so, yeah.

Happy 2020! I’m starting the year with the reprint of my first published story, the novelette Epic of Sakina (part one in the link, part two also available,) at Podcastle! This is very exciting because since I started listening to short stories on podcast, I have been dreaming of getting something published on Podcastle. I hope that this is a sign of more good things to come.

I am also going to put a reminder here that you can find my other published works, from 2019, “No Late-for-School” and “After Life” at Fiyah and The Dark respectively.

My writing for the past few months has been non-existent. I have instead filled my time with kdramas and cdramas (I may have mentioned this before) and I have to admit I am sliding into kpop. This is not the reason for my writing struggles though. I think it is rather that I am terrified of doing poorly, which, well, I am working on it. Can’t fix what you don’t have, and all that.

With that in mind, I do have an idea for fixing this issue. Writing prompts! Look forward to it.


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