Halfway there

So, I’ve been writing this one particular YA novel for a decade now. It was supposed to be the start of a pentalogy but getting the first book right has been a struggle at best. Well, anyway, I’ve now gotten to the halfway point of that first book. Yay!

To celebrate, I went to review the outline I wrote up to guide this rewrite and it’s nice to see that I deviated from that pretty much from the first chapter. So, not so yay, some streamline editing is required. But at the same time, the world as I imagined it is basically there. The characters are taking shape as individuals. The plot is happening.

Halfway there. I really want to believe that I am halfway through this story. I have carried this vague outline in my head for so long, and the image of the final product in so many different forms, that I am convinced that I won’t get anything else done until I finish this. So, uh, look forward to it.

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