2021: In review

At the start of this year, I tried to start a journal. I’m not good at journals. The first one I ever tried to keep was a post-Common Entrance assignment for the Standard Fives who still bothered to show up for school until results came out. The next time I kept one was at 17. I thought it was important to record that year of my life but I have no idea where that journal is now. The only successful one. Maybe one day I’ll do another because goodness knows I’m bursting with thoughts that I mostly keep to myself.

Then my childhood best friend died. That is still a shock. Especially since it kind of answered a question that had plagued my school years. I was a kid who was eternally curious but did not like to ask people their business. I still have to remind myself, even today ”hey, you should ask this person about their day!” It’s not that I don’t care, I just forget. And yet, I wonder if I had asked at the time, if anyone would have told me why. I don’t think so and I respect that.

저는 여러 달 동안 한국어를 공부했다. 아직 초보적인 하지만 내년 단편소설을 쓰고 싶다. 기도해 주세요.
(This should read: ”I have studied Korean for many months. I’m still a beginner but next year I want to write a short story. Please pray for me.” I hope it does, it still takes me forever to write even a simple sentence.)

I only published one story this year, the novelette that I did not think I would see the end of it. At the start of this year, it was still largely unfinished, with half-written sections. I think attending FIYAHCon gave me the boost I needed and also, it was just wonderful to interact with the writing community. Having to stay in as much as possible for my health in this pandemic is hard and that was a wonderful escape. Connecting with my fellow writers, especially other Trinis, is the best thing.

I also did my first podcast interview with The Lilac Writer. It was fun and nerve-wracking and I hope I can do more of these.

The next big thing was finishing book one of the series to my relative satisfaction. I have some more edits but I think I’m ready to start querying. I hope that someone gives it a chance. I think it’s a fun story. Also I have ideas for a special edition. And maybe a few merch ideas. It could be cute. In addition to my language project, I hope I can do book two of the series, one other novel, a novella and various short stories next year. (I kind of have to, I made it official that I’m an author on Twitter.)

I didn’t do a lot of reading for various reasons, but I had fandom to escape into somewhat. Maybe one day I can go to a BTS concert in person. Just watching the fancams and the livestream from the four day shows in LA, I understand why people call their concerts the ”happiest place on earth”.

Okay, this is long enough. And there’s so many other things that happened that I haven’t put up here. And wishes I’m keeping to myself. But this was my 2021. I hope that 2022 is better for all of us.

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