New Story Time

This is a celebratory post for new short fiction publication! “Wild Meat“, a fun little story in Trinidad Standard Creole about dinosaurs in the Caribbean, is up at Escape Pod. I really enjoyed writing this story and the narration is sooo good. I’m so happy, especially since this episode also turned into a Caribbean party with host, narrator and writer. I love it.

What else have I done? Apparently completed all levels of Korean in Duolingo. I actually thought it was a glitch and emailed the good folks about the “bug”. Nope. That’s it. 끝! So now I have to find a new app. Trying Lingodeer.

I attempted and completed one full week of Sydney Cumming’s “Activate” programme per schedule, instead of the every other day that become only on weekends thing I was doing before. A little sore right now, but I think I can manage if I actually try. I want to give Caroline Girvan’s Epic programme a try but baby steps. I can keep up with Sydney but not exactly.

Something interesting? I have started the first draft of two books, Book 2 of the Steampunk Fantasy and Book 1 of the YA Mystery. I might set aside Steampunk 2 though, because Mystery 1 is taking brainpower. Lol. I kind of knew I couldn’t really do two at once, just giving it a try. And even with that, I keep telling myself that I need to write more, particularly short stories. Except that it takes me forever to actually write anything because the stories have to “percolate”. Oh well, it’s a marathon, not a sprint and the end goal is my happiness.

Something else interesting? Though I had considered and then dismissed the idea of a Youtube channel, my mother just vetoed the whole idea. Lol. I had no real ideas for one yet anyway. Maybe if I ever figure out what I would do with it. I barely remember what to do with this.

I have added a few more podcasts to my listening: Eons Deep Time, Ridiculous Crime, and Albert Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. What have I enjoyed recently? Suzan Palumbo’s “Douen” (which is also in Trinidad Standard Creole and very poignant;) Shiv Ramdas’ “Bhatia, PI”; Maria Dong’s “In the Beginning of Me, I was a Bird”; Kristen Koopman’s “This is Our Get-Along Brainship”; Yoon Ha Lee’s “Bonsai Starships”, and Louis Evans’ “Miss Bulletproof Comes out of Retirement”.

Okay, that’s it. For now.

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