Story Hour! …And Updates.

A very exciting thing happened last night. I did a live reading, via Zoom of ”No Late-For-School” on Story Hour! Hosted by Daniel Marcus and Laura Blackwell, every Wednesday at 7pm PST, two writers read one of their short stories for the online audience. Last night I read with writer Elad Haber, as seen here:


I was so very nervous as a first time reader on the show, but you know, it was so much fun. I still can’t quite believe that I was invited to do this, but I am very honoured. (We were both reading for charities that are linked in the comments of the video above.)

In other news, Book 1 of the series is done and I’m playing with the first draft of Book 2. This is in line with my writing plans for this year, but I hadn’t intended to write this draft yet. Will see how this plays out.

Started Unit 3 from howtostudykorean.com. I’m seriously considering trying to get the Learn Korean with BTS books. Still not ready to write that short story by the year’s end but I’ve got the basic outline of a plot.

Recommendations: Apart from the two wonderful stories we read on Story Hour, I have a few I listened to and loved in my daily commute recently. ”No Say” by Johnathan Louis Duckworth; “Where the Old Neighbors Go” by Thomas Ha; “Plausible Realities, Improbable Dreams” by Isabel J Kim, and ”A Chestnut, A Persimmon and A Cunning Lie” by Michelle Denham. This last one is fascinating because I recognised the Korean folktales because of the book I’m using for reading practice. It made for an interesting experience and the story is heartbreaking but triumphant.

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