What I Got Done in 2020 – Award Eligibility Post

This year started off really great when I think about it. My first ever short story, “The Epic of Sakina” was republished in Podcastle in January. It feels like a lifetime ago with everything that followed.

That said, I did manage to get one new thing published this year, for anyone making lists:

Short Story: “Stretch” (4700 words, Horror) about a young woman’s desperate attempt to save her lost brother. I think it is about grief and loss as well as hope. It is published in The Dark in the October, 2020 issue, edited by Sean Wallace and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Link: https://www.thedarkmagazine.com/stretch/

I’ve never done an awards eligibility post before, apart from Twitter, and hopefully I can have more stories to list next year.


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