Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

It is now 3 days into the new year. 2020, for various reasons, I didn’t do a lot. 2021, I have a lot of plans. I’m a writer who doesn’t write a lot, a reader with a mile high to-be-read pile, and a karateka whose training has been seriously derailed. (If any of my instructors see this, I have been practicing, I have.) I need to do better…but I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself because that would be bad. Nothing would happen.

What have I done for the new year so far? Worked out. Plotted a short story. Attended a virtual concert (I am definitely BTS Army.) Watched TV. I fully recommend 100 Days My Prince. Fun kdrama. Do not recommend The Midnight Sky. Save your time. Legend of Fei is slow but it grew on me. Have not read or listened to anything yet but part of the plans, so that’s going to change soon.

Watch this space. Things are happening this year. But before I go, here’s a pic of the moon.

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