2021 is off to an interesting start.

Late last year I was enticed by the idea of starting a bullet journal. I am not good at keeping journals but it turns out this bullet journal thing is huge. I wanted a physical book I could decorate myself but instead I have an app for a digital one. It’s…nice. I haven’t been as consistent with it as I expected, but I’m trying. I did wind up getting a physical journal that I’m strongly considering using for my personal use but I still have this vision of my own decorated work.

Alongside the journal (and really, things I hope to keep track of via journal,) I have set workout, reading, writing and relaxation goals. So far, working out has gone fine (though I have a crackly knee that makes me sad and worried.) Reading…as usual, I started with one book but went hard for another. I find it fascinating that I can devour fanfics in one sitting and I need to read this over several days. Good book, can’t wait to review. Writing: working on it. I seriously intend to do way more in 2021 than what happened last year. Relaxation: doing a lot of it. Alas, most of this track is in my head and that wasn’t the original plan.

I am considering one thing, media-wise, that I hope to try putting into effect later this year. It will require video editing training and maybe a new camera. I’m lazy to do the research but this could be a fun thing and useful. We shall see.

Recommendations: Only one I actually finished and can post with confidence is the kdrama, 100 Days My Prince. It is 2 years old, about a prince who gives a marriage edict he later unwittingly gets caught up in. It really caught my attention and held it. The cdrama, Legend of Fei, about a young woman who is enticed to go out into the world learning different martial arts styles after a mysterious stranger breaks into her family’s territory, took me longer to get into but I like it so far.

Posting short story/novel reviews as I get through them.

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