At risk of jinx

So, uhhh, it’s been a while. Technically, not that long since there’s that post from July that I never posted. Anyhoo, it’s been a while but I have great news: I sold a story!

I want to gush about this so much but I don’t know where to begin. Well, actually I do: that story I sold, Between One and Zero is Infinity, about a Martian heist amidst an alien war, (to put it simply?) is to Clarkesworld! I have been listening to their podcast for years now. It’s so wild, I still don’t quite believe this has happened. I talk big game sometimes but there are days where I doubt myself. What a confidence boost this has been. I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

In addition, I’m actually writing again. The title of this post references my feelings about making this post in light of that fact, but also, I’m writing and making plans and I’m so happy about that. I even have multiple stories on submission! I can say that this development is mainly due to me attending FIYAHCON. I was starting to wonder if I was heading into a multiyear drought but the con and the people I interacted with there pulled me out of that and I’m so grateful to the organizers and participants for that. (I owe a lot to Fiyah already.)

Consequently, my Korean lessons have declined a bit but self study is hard. At least, exercise has been consistent.

Recommendations? Kdrama Squid Game. I know everyone is watching it, and they should.

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