So like… (March to July update)

I was not in a state of mind to post this before but I should, so I’m going to do so now…in October:

I would say that I didn’t do a lot these last few months since the last post but that’s inaccurate. In that time, I finished and submitted my final manuscript for my MFA examination. I completed the beginner level Korean unit on Howtostudykorean.com. 저는 배우는 한국어를 느립니다. I maintained a workout programme. I watched a number of tv shows. I attended more online BTS concerts. But writing, well, at least I finished my manuscript.

I will say that the one bright spot out of this nightmarish scenario is that I got to spend a lot more time at home. Sure it would have been nice to be able to go places but we’re in a pandemic. Better to stay at home and work through that massive TBR pile right?

Anyway, the most exciting thing, and the main reason for this post, is that I have done a podcast interview! It is one thing to hear one’s stories read aloud on a podcast (I love it,) it’s another thing entirely to hear one’s own voice! It was a fun conversation, even though of course I worried about talking too much and being confusing but my Mommy thinks it was good so everything is good. 😝 Linky link below.

Recommendations: cdrama Love and Redemption is frustrating as heck but very entertaining.

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